The Southern SeaQuestrians have certified swimming Instructors who are qualified and eager to provide training from basic swimming techniques to becoming a swimming Instructor.  We can teach you basic swimming strokes  such as the breast stroke, back stroke, side stroke, and front crawl.  We also offer training in  snorkeling skills to expand your comfort in the water.

Scuba Diving

The certified scuba diving Instructors within the Southern SeaQuestrians can introduce you to the wonderful underwater world of scuba diving!!  Whether you are new to diving or are a seasoned diver looking to advance your training, SSQ has everything you need to be a well trained and safe diver.

Dive Leadership Training

Embrace the next level of diving and become a dive leader!!  The Southern SeaQuestrians can assist you in becoming a Divemaster and an Instructor!!  Enjoy the rewarding experience of teaching others to dive in the underwater world we love so much.

Dive Safety

The Southern SeaQuestrians are committed to safety above and below the water.  Our DAN Instructor can teach you CPR/First Aid, Oxygen Administration, Hazardous Marine Life, and Neurological Assessment for Divers.  In an emergency, will you be prepared?